We got an extra hour of sleep this weekend which is awesome! However Daylight Saving Time could be affecting your brain in some really interesting ways.

Did you not get really sad last night when it got dark at 4pm!? Personally, it really bummed me out. I know that this happens every year, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.

These changes in time and daylight can mess with your circadian rhythm and that can affect your mental health. I feel like when it gets dark before dinner time that I feel as though I let the day slip away without getting anything productive done.

The lack of exposure to daylight can cause seasonal affective disorder where you have feelings of depression and anxiety in the winter months.

Gaining an hour of sleep like we did this weekend is definitely nicer on our bodies and brains than losing an hour like we do in the spring, but both changes can affect us, and we need to be conscious and aware of what one hour more or less can do to our mood and mental health.

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