Valentine's day is either a day that you look forward to all year long, or a day that you dread in the weeks leading up to it. Whichever type of person you are tends to be determined by if you're single or in a relationship. If you are with someone special this year, and you want to plan a nice date for them, here are a few "non cheesy" ways to go.

  • Go on a second "first date" and take your significant other where you two had your first date together. Did you go play pool at a dive bar that had a band playing that night? Try to see if that's going on again on Valentine's day and go recreate the date!
  • Go dancing! I'm not saying to go to a club, but try finding a speakeasy or supper club where you'll likely be among people your parent's age or those who think like that. It'll be a new experience that you'll likely talk about for years.
  • Make chocolate together, which incorporates another great thing about Valentine's day... chocolate! My grandmother taught me how to make chocolate years ago, and it's really quite easy to do right at home. You can purchase everything you need at the local A.C. Moore's or Michael's store.
  • Go ice skating! Even if you've never skated before, doing something active is a great way to bond with your partner. Plus, you'll have to hold hands to insure that you won't fall on the ice.
  • Cook together and make a heart-themed meal, for instance, you can try making homemade pizzas and shaping the crust into a heart, or you can try to make fortune cookies from scratch and write a fortune for your partner.

In any relationship, there should be romance, not just on Valentine's day, so whatever ideas you don't use on February 14th, you can use on any other day the rest of the year!

(via Bustle)

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