The fall can be a beautiful and romantic time of the year. It's becoming the biggest season to get married in because it's just so pretty outside! Now if you and your partner are looking to have a fun time outside while we still have some nice weather left, consider these Halloween themed date ideas.

  • Go through a corn maze together and see how long it takes to make it through! Getting lost and having to navigate through the maze is a great bonding experience, and will show you both how you problem solve together.
  • Go on a haunted tour whether in Binghamton (there's one at the Roberson Mansion this weekend!) or visit a town nearby like Ithaca or Syracuse and get to know their haunted history!
  • Watch the Downtown Halloween Parade! Next weekend, get some free candy while you watch the parade! For more information, you can click right here!

Fall is a bustling and busy time of the year! Pick some apples and bake a pie, or work together and navigate a corn maze with your crush. It's all fun, and can be a little bit spooky!

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