It's not a great time to be on the dating market. Although there are dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, you can't physically go out and meet people right now with the quarantine going on. But that just means you need to get creative!

Jeremy Cohen in Brookyln got extremely creative and decided to shoot his shot when he saw a cute girl dancing on the roof across the street. He waved to her, and when she waved back, he got some supplies together and flew a drone with his phone number on it over to her.

Jeremy posted his story with the girl, named Tori, on Tiktok in three parts. After they exchanged numbers, they had a dinner date over FaceTime, as Jeremy sat on his balcony and Tori sat on her roof. Then, Jeremy hopped in a giant inflatable bubble (that he just so happened to have), and went outside to meet her. They went on a walk around the block, still maintaining social distancing, thanks to the plastic bubble surrounding Jeremy.

How cute is this?? I can't wait to see what happens with Jeremy and Tori after the quarantine is over.

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