While jolly and fun, the holidays can definitely come with a lot of added stress.  Dr. David Erlinge and Bustle say that you are more likely to have a heart attack on Christmas Eve (specifically around 10pm) than you are at any other time during the year.

The pressures of the season such as finding the perfect gift or making sure the dinner you've prepared pleases everyone equally can add to your stress-level that may already be high because of school or work or your relationship.

Along with stress comes the heavy foods and alcoholic drinks, so if you're already at risk for a heart attack, consuming fatty foods or excessive amounts of alcohol could put you over the edge into dangerous health territory.

If you have trouble getting along with certain family members that you see around the holidays, the added stress and anxiety of that can also put you on the path to a potential heart attack.

So while the holidays should be cheerful and exciting, you may want to take extra caution when celebrating to avoid any late night ambulance ride to the hospital.

(via Bustle)

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