TV diet bad for you
Don't you just love when you a lounging on the couch and a food commercial comes on and you just want to eat the screen. Well, there is a cost to that happiness.
I drool when I watch TV and a food commercial comes on. The one problem I have is that when I go to that specific restaurant, the food…
Best & Worst Fall Shows!
With the weather changing we're in that weird time where it's not quite fall, but not warm out either! So after all the outdoor chores are done to get ready for winter, it's nice to just sit back on the couch, curl up in a blanket and just relax...
Luke Perry is back
I remember watching Beverly Hills, 90210 religiously. I remember buying the soundtrack to the TV show and trying to grow sideburns too.
Well, if you are like me then be prepared to feel really old right now.
This will make you feel old...
RIP VHS players
I was so sad when I read this article. I have a "collection" of movies on VHS that I can't part with. It looks like it's time to bite the bullet.
Louie G chats with Ian Ziering
I loved watching Beverly Hills, 90210. Even though it has been a long time since the show has been on (about 16 years) I still find myself watching reruns when I can.