It is happening faster than I thought it would, watching TV, too much. During this social distancing period it has become easy to turn on the TV and then leave it on in the background. However, that's not what's happening for me, I actually find myself watch it more.

Now, I realize that binge watching is something that can pass the time however everything in moderation. I also understand that if you live alone the TV can be a extra voice in the room but seriously make sure you aren't getting sucked in and becoming a couch potato.

Here are the five things I watch for when I think I am watching too much TV

1 - I check the entire guide from channel 1 too 1 million. - Yeah, I have cable.

2 - I am watching a show on a channel I didn't know I had - "These Woods are Haunted" - The Travel Channel.

3 - The cable actually turns the power saver on because the TV has been on so long. - This also happens to when you fall asleep with the TV on.

4 - I actually watch a talk show and I don't mean Ellen.

5 - You can't find anything you want to watch.

If you are experiencing any of these 5 items I am going to say it may be time to do something / anything else fast.

Stay Safe and Stay Home


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