In my opinion M*A*S*H* was one of the best, if not the best TV show of all time. It was a very funny show that from time to time would mix in some very sad episodes that would leave you in tears.

M*A*S*H* was also one of the most popular TV shows of all time. M*A*S*H* first aired September 17th, in 1972 and the final episode ran on February 28th, 1983. According to Wikipedia, the final episode was the most-watched show in television history.

Alan Alda, who played surgeon Hawkeye Pierce, was the main character and one of a few actors that were in every season. He could deliver one-liners that would have you laughing out loud as well as deliver some heart-wrenching scenes that would have you in tears.

Whenever I see an episode of M*A*S*H* on TV, regardless of how many times I've seen that episode, I usually watch it. Every now and then I will see an episode that I have never seen or I don't remember watching in my childhood.

Every Monday night at 9 p.m., I was in front of the TV watching Hawkeye, Radar, Klinger, B.J., Charles, Hot Lips, Henry Blake, Frank, Colonel Potter and the rest of the cast.

According to WRGB in Albany, Alan Alda announced his diagnosis on CBS This Morning. He said he was diagnosed with the disorder three and a half years ago. Since then he has kept the diagnosis private. He realized in one of his recent podcasts that his thumb was starting to twitch. He thought that a reporter would notice that and write a story about it.

So the 82-year-old decided to tell the world that he has Parkinson's Disease to encourage others to take action. He says he stays active by taking boxing lessons 3 days a week and playing tennis twice a week. And in typical Alan Alda style, he even joked that he is still a pretty good juggler.

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