You may be thinking that the spark in your relationship has gone out, but maybe you just need to put a little playfulness back into your relationship. Bustle has found a few ways to make your boring relationship more fun again!

  • Do something new for yourself to make sure that you aren't overly dependent on your partner. Remember that it's good that your relationship is boring sometimes because that means it isn't stressful or overly dramatic!
  • Plan something fun for you both to do together that you both have never done before. Maybe plan a date and go ziplining, or take them away for an impromptu weekend in the mountains. Whatever it is, make a point to reconnect with your partner.
  • Create more connections by touch and make it a point to hug and kiss your partner again. It's easy to forget the little things after a while, but it's the little things that sometimes mean so much.

If you don't like that your relationship has become a little too routine, mix it up by bringing back some of the old favorites from when you first started dating or find a way to reconnect exactly where you are right now.

(via Bustle)

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