Fresh air, sunlight (sometimes) and the great outdoors are some of the best things in New York State that we take for granted sometimes. What about taking your date for a hike one afternoon? Bustle has found ways to make any date that you go on more environmentally friendly.

  • Volunteer to clean up a local park with your date. You'll show off a softer, more thoughtful side of yourself while also doing a lot of good for the Earth. Pack a picnic to enjoy for when you finish, but just remember to clean up after yourselves!
  • Plant a tree together to commemorate your first date together... I just hope it goes well so that you can remember the date, and visit the tree, fondly.
  • Stroll through the farmer's market and plan to make a meal together with all of the delicious produce that you two buy! Bonus: If you find a vegetable that you've never tried before and incorporate that into your meal.

Earth Day is on Sunday, but who says that you only need to love and care for the Earth one day a year? Try doing it every day!

(via Bustle)

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