Becoming comfortable in a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you find yourself taking advantage of the commitment and stop working at your relationship, that's when you could find trouble. Bustle put together a list of little habits that you might be developing which could drive your partner away.

  • Not taking care of yourself because in the beginning you were always perfectly groomed and wanting to make a good impression of yourself for your partner. Now that you've gotten comfortable, you may be seen in sweat pants more often than slacks and with stains on your shirt. It's not a flattering picture, and you may be turning off your partner.
  • Impolite eating could be another way in which your partner could be driven away because again, in the beginning you were much more conscious of your actions and now you might be getting a little lazy, talking with your mouth full or doing a number of other things that your partner could be getting repulsed by.
  • Being reckless with money which maybe in the beginning it was flattering that they were spending money on frivolous things like bottles of champagne and flowers for you, but when you're saving for the future, your partner might think you're not as serious as they are when it comes to saving for it.

It's always good to keep working at your relationship, not get lazy and expect them to pick up the slack. Communicate your concerns if there is an issue, and you should hopefully be okay.

(via Bustle)

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