Any relationship that is one-sided is never healthy or without an expiration date. There are many ways to determine if your relationship is one-sided, and Bustle can help you figure it out.

  • They regularly cancel or bail on you which says a lot about how they appreciate your time. Sometimes something does come up, but if this is happening weekly or more often than that, then I would question how your partner really feels.
  • You're not part of their life when you try to integrate them into different aspects of your life (meeting friends, co-workers, parents, etc.). If he is making excuses for you not to meet anyone in his social group, that's a problem.
  • They want it their way whether that means the restaurant they want to go to, or the movie that they want to see, and if you try to voice your opinion contrary to theirs, that sparks a major argument.

Relationships are about compromise, and when one person in the pair doesn't care enough to make those compromises, that's when it's one-sided, and I would have a conversation about why that is with them.

(via Bustle)

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