When you've been with someone for a long time, or you live with them, there will always be something small that annoys you about them. For me, my boyfriend hates that I sometimes leave crumbs in the butter. Bustle has ways to tell you if your partner is annoyed with you about something.

  • Their jokes have hidden meanings so as not to outwardly say what they're upset about. They may think that they're being clever, but it could end up being really hurtful.
  • They get super defensive and that could be a sign of something bigger, especially if it is over something relatively small (think like the way they hang the toilet roll or how they rack the dishes).
  • They would rather walk away than talk about the issues that you two are facing as a couple. Unfortunately, your partner might be checking out of the relationship, and communication is usually the best thing to fix an issue, that is unless they refuse to communicate with you.

All couples have little things about their partner that they find annoying, that's completely normal. It is when your partner starts acting out instead of trying to work through your issues together that the little annoyances might turn into bigger problems.

(via Bustle)

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