In elementary school, all I had to do was share my crayons, and I had a new friend. As we get older though, making friends seems so much harder. Brit.Co explains what it takes as an adult to make and keeps friends.

  • Pick up the phone, not just text, but call as well. You need to show your friends that you genuinely like talking to them. Even a voicemail could brighten their day.
  • Be consistent so don't be notorious for cancelling or being late to events because that stings for your friends. If you skip out on your friends for a date, that sends a message to them that they are not important to you, and you don't want that.
  • Show some effort if your friends are far away. Plan trips to see each other and send cards for birthdays, holidays and any other milestone (or if not a card then at least call them!).

It may be harder to make friends now as an adult than it was as a child, but showing you're consistent and loyal goes a very long way for other people.

(via Brit.Co)

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