Being friendly with your co-workers can definitely make the work day go by smoother and quicker, however Bustle warns that there are certain boundaries that you need to have with the people that you work with.

  • Work first, friendship second which makes a lot of sense as you're getting paid to do the work you need to do, not to gossip with Shirley in the cubicle next to you. Keep that kind of conversation to around the water cooler, and you should be okay.
  • Don't overshare unless you want the whole office to find out about what you shared with only one co-worker. Think about it, if you're talking about one of your co-workers in a not-so-pleasant light, chances are one of your co-workers is talking about you that way, too.
  • Be cautious about physical contact with your co-workers. You might think you're being supportive by touching the shoulder of your co-worker or rubbing their back, but they may interpret it differently. If you feel like your co-worker is being too friendly with you though, don't hesitate to speak up about it.

You spend most of your day with your co-workers so it can be hard not to form friendships, but be aware of the boundaries that you've put in place so that you don't jeopardize your job in any way.

(via Bustle)

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