Be honest... how often do you strip your bed and wash your sheets? Bustle, and dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D., believes that none of us wash our bed sheets as often as we really should be.

Once a week is ideal for washing your sheets. Think about it, you crawl into bed after a long day doing who knows what, whatever you did that day then seeps into the bed sheets. You might sweat in your sleep, or fool around under those blankets, or eat in bed, or anything else!

On top of that, it's suggested that you change your pillow case two or three times a week! A dirty face transfers to your pillow case at night, and anything left there night after night can irritate your face and could cause pimples!

It may seem like a pain to wash your sheets every week, but just think about how dirty those sheets really get and then you lay down and sleep in those sheets for eight hours a night. It can be really gross!

(via Bustle)

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