In the last year or so, I started to do my own laundry at my house. Please don't judge, I realize now that I should have been doing my own laundry many years ago. I did my laundry in college but it wasn't near as often as I should have.

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I really thought it was going to be a major inconvenience and very difficult to do. My biggest fear is that I would ruin all of my clothes. I'm happy to say, that the clothes that I care about have all survived.

The first thing that I realized is that I could wear things more than once and besides, I have someone in the house that'll let me know when it's time for the clothes to go to the hamper. Here is what else that I have discovered

Laundry Tips

Use cold water: I was worried that I would shrink everything but so far so good. I blame the food I eat and not the water that I use in the washing machine. Using cold water is less work for my water heater and I've learned that it helps to keep clothes intact.

Wait until you have a full load to wash your clothes. I'm all for that because it saves me time and money. A small or big load takes about the same amount of electricity and if I'm not washing as much, it'll save me trips to the washroom or the laundry mat.

Skip dryer sheets. This surprised me because we all want our clothes to be static-free. Dryer sheets can coat your clothes in chemicals, so use wool dryer balls ( I had to look up what they were called) instead. The dryer balls actually speed drying time, stop static and help make my clothes feel softer.

You can also use a ball of aluminum foil, it'll help fight static and help to keep your clothes separated. Here are some other tips that I've learned and hope it can help you too.

Once you've washed and dried your clothes, don't throw away your dryer lint, do this instead.

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