You may have swiped right on this person, but meeting them in person is a whole new ball game. You could be nervous, but Bustle has a few tricks to make sure that your date doesn't feel like a job interview.

  • Leave your list of questions at home because that's a surefire way to make it seem like a job interview and not two people meeting up for dinner and drinks. Let the conversation flow more naturally.
  • Treat your date as you would a new friend which puts less pressure on the other person. You don't need to decide if this person is your soul mate after one hour, just like you don't need to decide if someone is your best friend forever right away either.
  • Don't monopolize the conversation and let the other person speak! If you don't let them talk then you'll never get to know them anyway, right?

Be open to where the date will take you, but don't put too much pressure on it to be perfect. Nothing in life is ever perfect, but enjoy the evening and enjoy the company.

(via Bustle)

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