When someone you loved passed away, do you know what happened to their social media accounts? Bustl, and experts at LifeSearch, say that many times it's uncomfortable to talk to loved ones about what to do after they have passed, so what would you want to happen to your online life after you pass away?

A loved one generally has to be the one to deactivate an account for someone who has died. Most online platforms will only work with immediate family members in order to get those accounts deactivated.

However 39% of people surveyed say that they would want their online accounts to stay active to leave a sort of digital legacy, so you may want to consider discussing your thoughts about what you want to happen to your accounts with your loved ones now for when the inevitable happens.

No one can read your mind or know exactly what you would want to have done with your online presence, so having that conversation now before it's too late is definitely advisable.

(via Bustle)

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