You are trying to be healthy in 2017, but eating a salad at work is so boring. Well, you have to try this trick to make it taste better.

Cosmopolitan wants to help. Even if you are having a sad desk salad, grab a real fork, knife, or spoon. People who eat with heavy utensils enjoy food 10 percent more than those eating with cheaper flatware, a recent study finds.

"You'll believe the quality of your food is better," says coauthor Charles Michel, chef-in-residence at the University of Oxford. Weightier silverware may also help you slow down and be mindful, which could equal eating less.

And, if that doesn't work, try deep-frying the fork or dipping it in pizza. OK, maybe listening to me isn't the best thing you can do to lose weight this year. But, at least you won't go hungry.

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