It's always good to be open-minded and learn from others, especially if you're looking for new habits to build. Bustle has collected health tips from all around the world that we can all benefit from if we want to be more health-conscious.

  • Focus on the joy of eating instead of just inhaling the food that's in front of you. The French may have it right with the way that they choose to eat. They find pleasure in eating and balance what they eat.
  • Use chopsticks when you eat because that naturally slows you down. When you're full, you're less likely to keep eating because chopsticks don't come as easy to us as a fork and knife do.
  • Eat more Mediterranean foods such as olives and other heart healthy omega-3 rich foods. Just like the Greeks, you'll be happier and maybe even live longer. Opa!

There are plenty of other ways that you could incorporate other cultures into your health and diet, consider eating home more and sit down at the dining table instead of the television. Any little change can do a world of good for you.  

(via Bustle)

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