Dogs are some of the most loving creatures on the planet, there is no denying this. Even more amazing, Bustle is now saying that owning a dog can provide some great health benefits as well!

  • They can help provide immunity to allergens in children and young people as well as provide a certain amount of protection against eczema and asthma. Unfortunately, these are not linked to adults, so getting a dog after childhood may not help you with your asthma, eczema or allergies.
  • You may sleep better if you have a dog and you let them sleep in your room (but not your your bed) with you. Maybe it's that certain sense of protection that helps you catch more Zzzs.

Dogs are wonderful creatures, and with just a little training, they can be a fantastic family pet for you and your children as well as help your family thrive.

(via Bustle)

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