If one of your resolutions for the New Year is to get more sleep, there may be some habits that you will have to break in order to achieve those eight glorious hours. Bustle put together a list of habits that could be sabotaging your sleep!

  • Sleeping in on the weekends ruins your routine during the week, so if you stay out later on Fridays and Saturdays and sleep in until noon the next day, your body doesn't know what is normal for you and will try to keep you up during the week just like you do on the weekend.
  • Using technology too late which is a habit I think we're all guilty of, but the light from your phone may be reducing the amount of melatonin that your body makes, a key hormone which promotes sleep.
  • Long streaming sessions keeps you stimulated late at night, and that can be really hard to power down from quick enough to get in those eight hours of precious sleep before your alarm goes off in the morning. Try to reserve these long sessions of watching television for the weekends, so that you can start earlier in the day.

Long term side effects of lack of sleep are a weakened immune system and trouble focusing. Kick your New Year's resolution in gear and try to get your eight hours of sleep every night to help you feel refreshed and re-energized.

(via Bustle)

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