If you are interested in improving your health and being happier overall, it's time to start gossiping. But, there is a catch...it has to be about celebrities.

I have always thought that gossiping was not a good thing and not good for your health. I guess my thinking was that it was a stressful thing that carried a negative effect in many ways.

But, according to Psychologytoday.com," gossiping can actually improve your health.

"Celebrity gossip can make you more popular and much happier"

We all know that gossiping about real people that we know or work with can have nasty consequences. That's why the catch is to gossip about celebrities. According to the book, gossiping can help in many ways:

  • Use gossiping about celebrities as a substitute for gossip about friends or co-workers. "Gossiping about 'real' people can have nasty consequences -- gossiping about celebrities," says the expert, "is safe."
  • Use gossip to connect with other people. When conversation is lagging or you need an icebreaker, say something like: "That Jennifer Lopez sure has a humongous butt." You'll quickly establish common ground and make fast friends with just about anyone.
  • Enjoy gossip as a leisure time activity. "While some people go to sporting events, others watch celebrities on TV or read about them," says Delaparte. "It's a pleasant activity."
  • Soak up celebrity gossiping and get a reputation for being someone in the know. "Having the latest word on somebody can be a kind of competition. One person will say, 'Did you hear what Jimmy Kimmel said on TV the other night?' Knowing the answer gives people status. It makes them happy."


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