Who would have thought that we could learn eating habits from our dog. But, if we follow Fido's eating habits we could lose weight.

Men's Health has come up with some ways that following a dog's eating habits will help us lose weight. There are a lot of things I wish I could do like a dog, but I guess I'll start with learning from their eating habits.

  • Sit -- Set a mealtime routine and stick to it. That'll keep you in the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables and less junk, research shows. Structure means boundaries, and these may be what keep us from sniffing around for extra kibble outside that invisible fence.
  • Stay -- Really stick your snout in that bowl and enjoy your meal. Don't scroll through BuzzFeed or email. Stress can lead to overeating, say University of Minnesota researchers. And focusing on taste and texture is the kind of mindful eating that keeps you under control.
  • Heel -– After a mean, pay attention to your body. A dog will barf if it's eaten something bad. If you feel sluggish, bloated, or pained, think about what you just ate. Take some time to heal too. Food is fuel, so see how various meals power your body for exercise and energy.
  • Walk -- Going for a stroll after a meal helps your digestion, says Krista Scott-Dixon of the diet and fitness coaching firm Precision Nutrition. Since you know you'll be walking, you're less likely to scarf down food till you're immobile, she says. Make it a habit. Who's a good boy?

If you find yourself sniffing someone's butt after you eat like a dog, it might be time to cut back on how much you copy their habits.

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