My fiancé and I sleep with the dog in the bed every night. He may kick when he's having a nightmare, but we love him all the same. If you sleep with your pet as well, Bustle says that there are some pretty annoying things that can happen.

  • They can exacerbate your allergies and make breathing while you sleep difficult. While they may be a great cuddler, if you can't breath properly, getting quality sleep is going to be hard for you.
  • They can keep you up at night whether like my dog Porter who kicks me when he's having a nightmare, or if they growl, bark or more other noises in their sleep, a pet can keep waking you up throughout the night if they are having trouble sleeping as well.
  • They can bring in the outdoors which could be anything from dirt to ticks to whatever else is in your backyard. Anything that gets brought into your bed from your pet is also fair game to get on you as well.

While we may all love our pets, but sometimes it's for the best if we train them to sleep on the floor in their own bed instead of in ours.

(via Bustle)

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