There can often be a fine line between a person who is charming and a person who is manipulative. Bustle says that it can be difficult to determine the difference, so consider these habits that they may have to see if someone is charming or if they are manipulative.

  • Breaking rules or boundaries... but in a playful way which already sounds terribly manipulative, however, if the person does it with a coy smile then you might not say something to them about it. Manipulative people will test boundaries and see how far they can get.
  • Using pet names instead of real names because they can use the same name for multiple people and not mix up "Sarah" with "Samantha" and get themselves in trouble. If they stop using a pet name, it may even make you think that you did something wrong, and you might try to win their affections again.
  • Being very complimentary towards you which is incredibly charming, but sometimes people will use compliments to get something from you. Try your best to figure out what that person's motives are before you accept their charm and compliments.

It's not in our human nature to distrust someone when they are being nice to us, but sometimes trying to figure out what a person wants from us when they are complimenting us or being charming is better than succumbing to their charms and learning that they are just trying to manipulate us.

(via Bustle)

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