Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and with that day comes a lot of food. If you plan on eating so much that you may have to undo the buttons of your pants (or if you plan on wearing sweatpants to avoid the un-comfort of wearing anything with buttons to begin with), Bustle says that there may be some food shaming that you might feel embarrassed about tomorrow, but there are ways to handle that.

  • Set boundaries and try to sit away from anyone that you worry may have something to say about your food habits. Maybe you're a vegetarian, and your sister has a lot of opinions about that.
  • Get back in touch with the holiday and remember what you're thankful for, and if you need to focus on your self-care that day, do it. Be thankful for how far you've come in the last year regarding your mental health.
  • Share your point of view if someone at the table cannot let it go that you don't eat meat or won't have another slice of pie. Whether you need to talk about your opinions on animal rights and welfare, or you need to just explain to them how you're about to pop from eating too much, hopefully seeing your side will convince them to stop making a fuss at the table.

Family is... fun, but hopefully you can still enjoy yourself when you sit down to the table tomorrow afternoon.

(via Bustle)

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