Do you ever think that you might be luckier than other people and just equate that to chance? Bustle has some convincing thoughts that say that it might not be all dumb luck, but more about the psychology of the matter.

Those who consider themselves to be lucky might be that way because of the way in which they perceive the world around them. They are much more likely to to take notice of things or situations that might bring them good fortune.

People who think of themselves as unlucky don't take notice of those same things and therefore don't put themselves in situations where they have the opportunity to become lucky.

If you want to get luckier in life, it's more about paying attention to your surroundings, listening to your gut, being more optimistic and being overall more positive even when things aren't always going your way.

Don't do anything dangerous or stupid in order to try to become more lucky, but take notice of your world and try to be more open to the idea of new things and new opportunities. Who knows what may come your way!

(via Bustle)

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