Most people are either glass-full or glass empty kinds of people, and I would consider myself (most days) to be a glass-full kind of person. To be optimistic, you have to be able to see the world in a positive view more often than not, and even when it's hard to. Bustle has come up with a couple ways to be optimistic, and it's easier than you might think.

  • Choose your words more wisely because the words that we use shape the way that we think. Instead of calling a rainy day "dreary", try calling it "refreshing".
  • Don't believe your automatic thoughts which is essentially that little voice inside our heads. Sometimes it can be negative because of years of self-loathing, don't believe what it has to say. Eventually, it will have nicer speech.
  • Review your accomplishments which is probably something none of us do because we don't want to seem narcissistic and vain, but there is a difference between that and being proud of all that we've done.
  • Decide to have a great day because if you're determined not to let anything get you down, then nothing will get you down today.
  • Go to bed feeling grateful for everything that happened that day. Was your morning latte extra foamy the way you like it? Remember that as you go to sleep that night.

Optimism can be hard to have right about now but ignore what you can't change and focus on what you can. Be positive and things will get better for you.

[via Bustle]

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