I wear a few pieces of expensive/sentimental jewelry every day, and I can’t imagine losing any of those pieces of jewelry. And I’m not engaged… yet! haha… however, the thought of losing that engagement ring or wedding ring absolutely terrifies me!!!

Sadly an elderly man went through that exact same fear three years, but his has a very different ending!!

An 82-year-old retiree from Bad Muenstereifel, Germany lost his wedding ring while gardening three years ago. The incident happened shortly after the man celebrated his golden wedding anniversary!! Unfortunately, his wife ended up dying six months later, before he had found the ring.

After a year or so the man probably assumed it was lost forever, as most people would! But the man continued to garden each year and low and behold the ring was found!

Three years after the ring was initially lost, the elderly man found his wedding ring… but not in the dirt as you may think! Nope, the ring was found growing in a carrot!!!


After it had gotten buried in his garden, the carrot grew around it. Apparently he was picking vegetables last week, and that’s when he found it!! While it may have been three years coming, this man finally got a piece of a his passed wife back!


[VIA: Q13FOX ]