February 14th is Valentine's Day and it's just over one month away! If you are planning on popping the question, have we got a ring for you! This one is a stunner and you can be certain that this is a one of a kind. Behold, Marigold - "The Ring of Prosperity".

Photo Credit Guinness World Records

The Marigold - "The Ring of Prosperity" set a new Guinness World Record on Monday December 21, 2020 with "Most diamonds set in one ring". This ring, designed by Harshit Bansal, a 25 year old artist from Meerut, India, features 12,638 diamonds.

Side behind Most diamonds set in one ring renani jewels
Photo Credit Guinness World Records

This record breaker is also a heartbreaker if you were hoping to purchase it for an engagement, Bansal says that although the ring is wearable and comfortable, it is also priceless and not for sale. This has been a dream project for the artist who has been working on this for 2 years. Each petal is unique. The previous record of 7,801 diamonds is now a distant second with 4,837 diamonds between the two.

Now that the Marigold is not an option, how will you proceed with your engagement? The age old standard has been 2-3 months salary is what you should spend on an engagement ring. Brides.com says not necessarily. They encourage the purchaser to spend whatever they feel comfortable spending. Credit Donkey agrees and offers these thoughts. You have two major things to consider:

  1. Your partner's expectations
  2. Your financial situation

Should you choose to pop the question this Valentine's Day, the goal is to find a balance between the two. Or take a slower approach. Chocolates and flowers are a traditional idea.



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