Getting engaged has to be one of the most exciting days of your life (I am not yet engaged COUGH COUGH ROB COUGH COUGH hahaha). But yeah I can imagine it is one of the most thrilling days! Okay now you're engaged, you're so over the moon excited, however.... You hate the engagement ring.

It happens!!!! He does his best to pick out something he likes, thinks you would love and in the right price range. But it really can just be a swing and a miss!!!!

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So how are you supposed handle this type of situation? You can't just come out and tell him you hate the ring because he just went through all this time, effort and PROPOSAL for you!!! But are you supposed to lie and tell him you love it when you don't even really want to wear it?  There's one person who has handled this situation VERY WELL and actually has some great advice... Miley Cyrus!

Yup, her and Liam Hemsworth are engaged, and even though they picked out the engagement ring together, she still isn't a big fan of it. She loves the ring, but it's "real jewelry," she says and just " not really [her] aesthetic, but [she'll] wear it because you [Liam] love me [Miley]." But yet Miley still doesn't wear her ring all the time so what did she say to him?

Here's Miley's advice!!! .....

Be upfront with your fiancé - Make sure they know your distaste is for the ring, and not them.  the giver. “Rather than saying you don’t like it, you could say there is a setting you have always loved — and you would pay the difference, of course.”

Wear it for special occasions only.
Like Cyrus, you can opt to keep that rock in a safe place most of the time, bringing it out just for date nights and holidays.

Remodel it
There are jewelers who specialize in resetting family heirlooms, upgrading rings, and even remaking pieces.

While yes none of these things actually tell them for you that you don't like the ring, all these options are very viable and can get you what you want!!

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