Germs exist all over the place, and they come in many different forms. Bustle, and registered nurse Ashley Wood, say that there are some facts about germs that you may not know.

  • Germs have different lifespans and they can survive and even thrive in different environments. Not all germs are the same, and should not be treated the same. You can find some germs on doorknobs or cell phones, and others you can only come in to contact with directly from person-to-person.
  • Your mouth has so many germs anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 bacterial germs on each of your teeth... and that's in a clean mouth! Imagine how many more exist in your mouth when you forget to brush your teeth or floss before bed...
  • There are good germs that live in our bodies and all around us that are super important for our health. A lot of those bacterias live in our gut and play a big part in our digestive system.

It might not be appetizing to think about all the germs that exist all around us, but a lot of those little bacterias are good, and not all of them make us sick. Wash your hands, cover your cough, and you should be okay.

(via Bustle)

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