I have to say that I never cared who made more money in any relationship I was in. I always felt like I brought something to the table.

But, who makes more money in a relationship is a huge factor in not only if the relationship is going to last but the health of the guy in the relationship.

According to a new study from The Telegraph, Men whose partners are the main earner are thought to suffer from stress-related physical conditions because their masculinity is damaged.

"Toppled from the position of breadwinner, they may also seek to regain their manliness through smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily."

There is also the very real risk of an affair. The bigger the earnings gap with their spouse, the greater the chance. While women who are the main breadwinners may try harder to keep their marriage on track, their husbands are more likely to abuse them or cut back on their contribution to housework.

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