Christmas is that time of year to make memories with loved ones and home cooking. If you put the two together then it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I always look forward to going to my parents to enjoy my mom's food and especially her desserts.

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Nothing says Christmas (to me) like Twice-Baked spaghetti and her chocolate chip cookies. WHAT? Isn't twice-baked spaghetti served at your house? Then you are missing out.

Before you think that I'm totally out of my tree because Twice-Baked spaghetti is my Christmas favorite but wait till you hear what is New York's favorite dish. The team at Treetopia loves the holiday season and they wanted to find the most popular dinner and dessert Christmas recipes in each state.

Overall in the US, roast carrots and sweet potato casserole came in as the favorite dish for dinner with sugar cookies as the most popular sweet treat recipe. That seems a little Southern but not fairly normal but what about New York?

In a surprise to me, the number one most popular savory Christmas dish is...Goose. It brings a whole new meaning to "my goose is cooked." Suddenly my Twice-Baked spaghetti doesn't sound so bad.

New York also surprised me with its favorite Christmas dessert...Toffee Pudding. I'm not even sure what that is and I really have no interest in finding out. Chocolate Pudding YES, Toffee Pudding NO!

At least Pennsylvania is making sense with Christmas Turkey for dinner and Christmas cookies for dessert. If you want to find out what other states have as their favorite dinner and dessert Christmas recipe, then go here.

Suddenly I'm hungry, how about you? Although not for Toffee pudding.

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