I love my pizza and no matter how you slice it, your favorite pizza says a lot about you. I love my white garlic pizza, but that did not make the list. 

According to PMQ.com, ‘It’s all in the toppings,’ says Brandon Willis, a psychologist and longtime pizza lover.

Plain Cheese
You might think people who prefer pizzas unadorned are bland and lifeless milquetoasts. Untrue. They’re highly analytical individualists who have the ability to cut through superficial trivialities and get to the fundamental underlying principles. You’ll never be taken for a sucker, but resist the tendency to be too cynical.

Folks who flock to the most popular topping of them all are good team players, prepared to sacrifice their personal interests to those of the majority. You’re loyal and steadfast, but don’t be a sheep.

You’re forthright and honest. You call it like you see it, and you don’t care how others react. But be aware that honesty must be tempered with compassion, or your friends may end up shunning you, or at least refusing to open up to you.

Green Peppers
You’re comfortable in the middle of the road. Extreme views and courses of action make you feel uneasy. You’re stable and reliable, but you must recognize that life involves risk and you must be prepared to take a few calculated gambles.

Your zest for life and adventure is a compelling trait. People are attracted to your energy and look to you to take charge of situations. Remember, though, the importance of looking carefully before leaping headlong into unfamiliar territory.

Fungus fanciers are hard workers, who get their reward from a job well done, rather than from praise and recognition. Others value your industry, but they may try to overload you with responsibilities. Look out for Number One now and again.

Special Items
You know — duck breast, sea scallops, or some other non-traditional pizza accompaniment. You enjoy being a trendsetter, and that’s a good thing. But don’t squander your resources chasing every new fad that comes along.

Desert Items
People who like fruit and confectioner’s sugar on their pizzas are nostalgic and sentimental. You’re full of compassion, but craving comfort and security could stand in the way of your success.

The experts admit that the data on this controversial topping is conflicting. “More research needs to be done,” Wills says. “Until then, we are thrown back on the shaky ground of personal opinion. For what it’s worth, I think people who put anchovies on their pizzas should consider professional counseling.”

How accurate was this list?  Is your favorite pizza topping on this list?

[via: PMQ.com]

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