Intuitive eating is considered the anti-diet where you eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Sounds simple enough, right? But only eating when you're actually hungry and not bored, tired, with friends and in social settings where food is present, can be really tough.

There are some things that intuitive eating can and cannot do for you, so you may be in luck if you're wanting to make some changes to your life. This isn't another diet, and you may not lose weight when you transition to intuitive eating.

This way of eating is learning to trust your body and your appetite. Essentially, you are trying to go back to infancy where a baby cries when it's hungry and then you feed it until they no longer want to be fed because they're full. Fullness dictates your eating; not whether or not people around you are eating, not because the food is just so delicious, strictly your body being full.

Intuitive eating definitely changes everything you know about eating and food. This is generally a way that people learn to love themselves and their relationship with food again. I love food, food is amazing, but food is suppose to fuel us and energize us. When you stop eating when you're full, not overly full, you can thrive as opposed to feeling sluggish.

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