These days, we take so many precautions to protect our skin from getting sunburned. But, there is one thing I am certain you are not doing to protect your skin from those harmful rays.

Eating could be making you get sunburned. WHAT? I can hear you say that right now. But, it's true. And, it makes sense.

According to Science Daily, the simple enjoyment of eating can be hurting your skin. Let me explain. If you are sitting at home late at night and treating yourself to a midnight snack, you should stop if you have sensitive skin.

People who eat late night snacks are much more likely to get sunburned.

Why?  They found when you eat at strange times, it messes up your body's internal clock.  Then, during the daytime, your skin doesn't produce as much of an enzyme that protects you against the sun's UV rays, so you get sunburned easier.

That is crazy, isn't it?

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