It’s time for you ladies to become a chubby-chaser. According to a new survey, chubby guys are the choice of women.

According to, there was a new study done with over 2,500 women and if found that a large majority of women say that chubby guys are the best choice in the bedroom and beyond. They cited 3 main reasons for this finding.

1) They seem more eager to please the woman than themselves.

2) They’re more caring and gentle.

3) They make women feel less self-conscious about their bodies.

Here are the top 5 body types and the order in which the women like them:

1) Plus size men.

2) Athletic and muscular men.

3) Men over six feet tall.

4) Men under five-foot-eight.

5) Slim and petite men.

The survey was done in England so I am not sure how that would translate to the United States, but a guy can hope can’t he?

Ladies, what do you think of this study? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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