I solute this lady for being creative and dedicated to reaching her goal. If I wasn't banned from going anywhere near baked beans, I would do the same thing.

I recently lost over 140 lbs. And, when people ask what made me decide to lose weight, I simply tell them that I woke up one day and decided that enough was enough.

I tell people all the time that when you are ready to make chances with any aspect of your life, you will know it and you will do it. And, when you are ready you won't make any excuses why you can't do it. You will just find a way to make it happen.

According to the NY Post, there's a 30-year-old woman in England named Hollie Nolan who got up to about 225 pounds after she had her second kid.  She wanted to get in shape, but didn't have a lot of money to spend.

So she started eating healthy, running three times a week, and working out with an exercise DVD.

She was supposed to buy hand-weights to use with the exercise DVD, so she'd burn more calories.  But she didn't want to spend the money.

So instead of weights, she used two cans of baked beans.  And in a few months, she lost almost 30 POUNDS.

And, as anyone can tell you who loses weight, the success snowballed and she went on to lose another 70 lbs.

That is just an awesome story!

[via: NY Post]

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