If you've ever been cheated on, you have probably wondered "Why?". Bustle has done that research for us, so maybe that will give some of you closure from those relationships that ended due to cheating.

  • They're not cut out for monogamy which you may not feel better hearing, but hopefully now that person knows and won't hurt someone else while trying to be monogamous.
  • They want to break-up and think that the best way to "tell you" is by cheating on you. Their infidelity will force you to get all of your issues out in the open, and maybe when that happens you will see just how incompatible you two are after all.
  •  They have a connection with someone else and that can destroy your self-esteem when you find that out. It's not ideal for them to stay with you while they figure this out, but this does happen, and you're allowed to be upset over it.

Cheating is never okay, but relationships are tricky to navigate sometimes. If you are even thinking about cheating, consider how it would feel to be the one cheated on. You might start thinking differently.

(via Bustle)

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