I recently read a survey on Yahoo that said 6 percent of women had done online shopping while working out? That's impressive, since I do all I can just to not pass out.

When I asked our listeners the question about what 6 percent of women do while working out, the overwhelming guess was breaking wind. And, that is my biggest pet peeve at the gym.

What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym? What really gets under your skin while working out?

I have a lot of little things that are annoying at the gym, but my biggest one is easily when someone farts. I am sweating, breathing heavy and not I have to breath in your gas. I absolutely hate that!

I get that sometimes it can slip out but please try and wait until you leave. I also hate when people scream at the TV. It's not your living room. I'm not there to hear your worthless commentary about the big game.

How about when someone stands behind you as you workout to wait for you to be finished on that piece of equipment. Do something else until I am done and give me some room.

What bothers you at the gym? What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?

[via: Yahoo]


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