You might feel like you know everything that there is to know about your partner because you have been together for so long, but honestly, there are some things that you just might never know. Bustle, and Dr. Jeff Nalin, PsyD, explains that it's okay if you don't know everything about your partner no matter how long you've been together.

  • Their complete dating history as some things can be better left unsaid. Insecurities can spark from knowing too much about your partner's past, especially their sexual past, so as long as they are being faithful to you, it might be wiser not to ask questions about who they have been with before.
  • Details about their past traumas if they have any, as that can be a deeply personal issue that they might still be working through. You are not entitled to know any details, and if they want to tell you anything, let them come to you.
  • How they feel about your family because this can complicate things quickly if they don't absolutely love everyone in your family. Unless they are being rude to your partner or your partner is being rude to a member of your family, just assume that everyone loves everyone. If you suspect anything, you can ask your partner how they feel about your family, but if nothing looks suspicious, it's probably safe to assume the best.

You love your partner, and you want to soak in everything about them, but sometimes you might never learn everything that there is to know about them, and that's okay!

(via Bustle)

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