Most days I am exhausted, and trying to combat that exhaustion usually only makes things worse. Bustle says that there are things we really should avoid doing if we're tired because it can only make it worse for us.

  • Drink tons of energy drinks in order to stay awake because while it will help you in the short-term to study or work longer, it also perpetuates insomnia and that will prolong your sleep deprivation if you can't get to sleep at night.
  • Going to bed super early the day after you didn't sleep enough seems like a great idea, but it will likely only lead you to wake up at three o'clock in the morning just as tired and now your sleep schedule is out of wack.
  • Sleeping in the next day also seems like the logical solution because you want to catch up on the sleep you missed the night before, but just like going to bed super early, sleeping in will just throw off your sleep routine and make it harder to fall asleep at a normal time the next night.

Sleep is so important, and a lot of us don't make it a priority like we should. Just like proper diet and exercise, proper sleep is crucial to our health.

(via Bustle)

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