All relationships take time to find their footing, and each partner needs to find comfort in the relationship in order to make things work. Bustle, and relationship expert Rori Sassoon, explains that there are some things that should never happen in a relationship if it's a strong, solid relationship.

  • Your partner doesn't side with you when there is an issue at hand. A strong relationship should always be the two of you against the problem, not you against your partner. Working towards the solution to the problem together instead of going against each other is a sign of a good relationship.
  • They call you names which is definitely an indicator that your partner does not respect you. Not only is that a sign of disrespect in the relationship, but also immature. Name calling is never something that happens in a strong relationship, and it can be a sign showing that your relationship will not last.
  • Your partner makes decisions for you like what you'll eat or drink at a restaurant when out on a date, or who you can or cannot be friends with. Taking control of any aspect of your life indicates that your partner might have trust issues or could be projecting something that they're hiding onto you. Either way, that is no indication of a strong relationship.

If anything that happens in your relationship makes you think twice about your partner, you should definitely communicate that to your significant other and hope that they can work with you to make your relationship healthier and stronger.

(via Bustle)

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