If you drank too much champagne last night with your partner, you might be a little hung over today. Bustle says that there are some things that happen to your brain when you're hung over. See if you're feeling any of them today!

  • Increase in feelings of depression because alcohol is a depressant, so you may feel more down on yourself than usual when you drink too much as well as when you're recovering the next day.
  • Decrease in motor skills when you are hungover is common because the cerebellum (part of your brain) is frequently damaged when you drink to excess and that part of your brain is in charge of coordinating your movements.
  • Inconsistent sleep often happens when you drink as well and that can lead to so many other worse side affects like decreased cognitive function and poor work performance.

A night out is fun every once in a while, but the hangover the next day can be brutal. Stay hydrated and take an advil if you need it today!

(via Bustle)

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