Today is National Handwriting Day. What does your handwriting say about you?

National Handwriting Day is a day celebrate the importance of andwriting, in conjunction with John Hancock's birthday (1-12-1737). Hancock as the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and is famous for his arge, bold signature -- According to, here are some clues to people's character according o their handwriting:

  • If your letters slant to the left: Indicates introspection and a lot of emotional control.
  • If letter slant to the right: Reveals a person who's more impulsive, outgoing, friendly, and emotionally open.
  • If letters are straight up and down: The sign of someone who's ruled by the head, not the heart.
  • Letters that slant in more than one direction: indicates versatility and adaptability.
  • An erratic slant usually means a lack of flexibility.
  • Heavy pressure writing (like you can feel the rib made on the back of the paper) means the writer is agitated.
  • Moderate pressure (the writing is dark, but you can't feel the rib on the other side of the paper) shows ability to deal with stress.
  • Light pressure indicates someone who seems to take life in stride.
  • Tiny Letters: indicate the writer is somewhat low on self esteem but quite high on brain power.
  • Small Letters: are the hallmark of quiet, introspective types. They're generally detail-oriented and have good powers on concentration.
  • Large Letters: are usually the sign of a confident, easygoing individual.
  • Huge Letters: denote someone who's loud, theatrical and needs to be the center of attention at all times.
  • Wide Letters (their width and height are about the same): The mark of someone who's open and friendly.
  • Narrow Letters: Show someone who's kind of shy and inhibited but also very self-disciplined.
  • Letters that don't touch: are the sign on an impulsive, artistic, sometimes impractical free thinker.
  • Some letters connecting: Means the writer's personality blends logic and intuition.
  • All letters making contact: The calling card of someone who's highly cautious.
  • A curved first mark: Shows a person who's traditional and plays by the rules.
  • A straight beginning stroke: Reveals someone who's rigid and doesn't like being told what to do.
  • A final stroke straight across: is a clue that the writer is cautious.
  • An end mark that curves up: shows generosity.
  • Perfect penmanship: is the hallmark of a communicative person.
  • An indecipherable scrawl: indicates a person who's secretive, closed-up and likes to keep his thoughts to himself.

If this is accurate, then I am easygoing, confident and hot! OK, maybe I added the 'hot' one.


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