Maybe I've watched too many scary movies the last couple of nights leading up to Halloween, but dreaming about all sorts of spooky things like dying is way worse than any movie. Bustle investigated what it means when you dream about dying, and it has all sorts of different meanings!

  • Something in your life may be ending whether you just broke up with a friend or a partner, or maybe you're leaving your job for another opportunity, dying in your dream could be your mind's interpretation of these new changes happening.
  • You might be feeling anxious so instead of having no dreams, you might be dreaming about dying or some other kind of tragedy because you're real life is so riddled with anxiety and stress! Try some of there great fall self-care activities to hopefully put your mind at ease a little more.
  • You could be repressing your true feelings and perhaps be feeling like a part of you is dying. If you've recently taken on a new role at work or in your relationship, you may be feeling slighted or maybe less like yourself than you have before.

Whether you're having these dreams repeatedly or it was just a random dream, think about what that could mean for you in real life. If you think it's good then embrace it! If you think you're being repressed or feeling anxious, see how you can go about fixing that issue.

(via Bustle)

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