With the weather getting cooler now and pumpkin spice lattes out in abundance, Fall looks to be in full swing. Some of the Summer self-care activities that you did may not be able to work in the Fall, but Bustle has come up with some great ideas for Fall self-care activities.

  • Bake fresh bread and fill you house with the great aromas of baking. Learning to bake can be soothing and beneficial, but whatever you bake can also make for great gifts to give your friends and family.
  • Learn how to knit and before you know it, you'll have scarves, and mittens, and hats galore! It is a wonderfully creative way to be productive even if you're stuck inside by the cool weather.
  • Take a hot bath which is something you definitely could not have done in the Summer with the heat being so oppressive, but now that things are cooling down, a hot bath before bed could be exactly what you need.

Self-care shouldn't stop just because the weather is getting cooler, so learn a new skill or focus on your hygiene with a nice long bath before bed.

(via Bustle)

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